Schengen Area: 17 years without frontiers

This is a Prezi photo-presentation about the evolution of the European Union since 1985, when the creation of the Schengen Area (no frontiers inside Europe) was signed:


China: a decade of military change

China has the largest army in the world when it comes about soldiers, and the last eleven years have mean a constant increase in expenditure. Here I show you the evolution of China in military topics from 2001 to nowadays. Just click the link:

China: a decade of change

Julián Oviedo, a victim of the ‘false positives’ in Colombia

Julián Oviedo disappeared when he was 19 years old. He was working as a builder, but he wanted to become a soldier a year later, according to his mother´s testimony. Sadly for Julián and the people who love him, he was killed by the Army in 2008, the same group he wanted to join in the future. This is one of the stories of Soacha (Colombia), one between others.

Blanca Nubia is the mother of Julián Oviedo. She tells anybody who ask her that joining the Colombian Army was a familiar tradition: Julián´s father and his three brothers did it, as well as one of his uncles. “I never though that the Army killed my son”, she says. The body of her son was found some weeks after he disappeared, in an anonymous grave, 300 kilometers away from Bogotá. Julián was buried wearing a FARC uniform (Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces). Leer más de esta entrada

Riots in the core of Egypt

  1. Egypt is still a volatile country. After the defeat of Mubarak from power and the rise of the army, the citizenship continues is own Arabic Spring in the kingdom of pharaohs. Last Wednesday a football match became a real battle with 74 deads and hundreds of injured, and today problems continue in the streets of El Cairo. Leer más de esta entrada